TDEFNODE bugs, fixes and clarifications:

9-11-15: 'sp 8' under ES: does not work as described

9-17-15: Revised td_plot; download new td_plot files.

10-19-15: Incorrect decimation of time series fixed.

10-20-15: Fixed un-necessary zeroing of arrays.

2-25-17: TDEFNODE source code updated

4-6-17: 'NVg:' option does not work as described, use NV: instead

7-26-17: InSAR data: Earlier version had an error in calculating east and north InSAR displacements. This has been fixed. The program reads the look vector as ground to satellite unit vector or calculates it from incidence angle and heading. The sign is reversed when dotted with surface displacement vector, so that calculated change in LOS is negative if ground moves toward satellite. If your data are opposite, that is, positive LOS change is shortening of the distance to the satellite, use a negative for the file index number in the IS: line, which flips the sign of the LOS change as they are read in.

7-27-17: Fixed IC: 0 option to correctly add elastic component to predicted velocities. Source code updated.

10-11-20: Miscellaneous corrections. Source code updated.