2004 Oregon - Idaho - Washington GPS Campaign

Some photos (click on image to see full image):

Getting ready at base camp (RM)

Ani and Jesse making a plan. (RM)

The Team at SPRO. L to R: Ani, Peter,
Christopher, Jesse, Rob,
Bob, Jackie, Michal (RM)

Our hosts at Sparrowhurst.
Cheryl, Beth, and Sassie. (RM)

Site COUE in Coeur d'Alene, ID. (RM)

Christopher at site Z264 in
Colville, WA. (RM)

Jackie at site MESA in Mesa, WA. (RM)

Site P486 in eastern WA. (RM)

Hmmm... I thought the data were here
somwhere.. (RM)

Tony at CRWN (Grand Coulee) (TQ)

BREW (Brewster site) (TQ)

Michal Zwick dreaming of the
mountains. Mt Baker in background. (TQ)

View from Sauk Mtn. (TQ)

View from Sauk Mtn. (TQ)

Photo credits: RM - Rob McCaffrey; TQ - Tony Qamar