2000 Oregon GPS Campaign

Field participants: Rob McCaffrey, Charles Williams, Colleen Stevens, Maureen Long, Andy Ratigliano, Cathleen Donovan, Anna Smith, Albert Nummelin, Emily Witthaus

The map shows our 2000 campaign network occupied from June 4 - 28. We occupied 89 sites with an average occupation time of 26 hours (median of 10 hours). BIGC, PAUL, JONY, HANS, SPRO, BRAE, P520, and CEDC were run as semi-continuous sites for periods of a few days to 2 weeks.

Several of the sites in Washington were occupied simultaneously by the University of Washington GPS group.

Map of occupied sites

Coordinates in WGS84

Special thanks to Cheryl McCaffrey and Beth Walton for putting up with us.

Curt Smith of the NGS in Salem provided logistical support and county surveyors Al Duncan and Steve Thornton offered valuable information on sites.

Thanks to the many landowners who make their property available: Jack See, Mike and Chris Braet, Gary and Marianne Trout, Hans and Rita Muldur, Susan Porter and Jim Kelly, Suzie and Larry Rawe, George and Kathleen McNab, Jeff Maltman, and Paul and Kathy Nelson. Thanks to the staffs of the fish hatcheries and to Jonathan and Annette Cooley for the use of their house .