Wood Projects

Building and furniture efforts over the years.

Updated 2-26-22

1990: Oak mirror for Bruce and Susan Watson.

1991: Kids oak bed frames.

They each had their own bed but of course slept together in the same one! Only the headboards are different.

1992: Maple dining room table for Kate.

Underside support.



1993: Oak coffee table for Pat.

1993: Oak bedside tables.

1994: Shaker style pine end table (prototype for later projects).

1994: Kids' playhouse.

1994: Maple end tables in Shaker style. (water-based poly, never again)

I used water based varnish for this and it water-stained severely.

1994: Maple end tables in Shaker style for my Mom. (real polyurethane)

1995: Oak mirror.

1996: Walnut coffee table made by Pepe, my grandfather. I rebuilt the legs

2001: Dining room table. 102 by 42 inches. Made from Brazilian cherry. Clear poly stain.

Gluing up the table top.

Cutting the legs.

Jack helping to screw down the table top.


In use

2001: Cherry coffee table. Made from left over cherry floor boards.

2001: Bookshelves. Pine sides and shelving (painted) with Brazilian cherry trim.

2005: Mirror for Pat.

2005: Cherry wood box made by Emily.

2011: Shed. 12 x 6 feet

Jack roofing.

2012: Chicken coop.

Moving to Mosier

With addition.


2013: Oak and walnut bookshelves.

Oak shelves with walnut dividers.

2013: Clothesline.

2014: Pingpong table and kickwall for Jack.

2015: Oak bookshelves.

Made from oak plywood with solid oak trim.

In place

In use

2015: Oak bookshelves for the Omers. (Starring John Omer.)

2016: Closet shelves.

2017: Garden bench.

2018: Greenhouse and shed.

Large glass panels from the local ReUseIt center.

2018: Foot stools. (with Kathy Omer)


Weaving with sea grass.

Kathy Omer wove the one on the right (oak legs). I did the left one (poplar legs with cherry stain).

2019: Benches made with leftover cushions from trailer.

2019: Greenhouse.

2019: Pine wine cabinet for Emily.

2020: Fancy book shelf for Fiona.

2020: Oak coffe table for and with Hope.

Joining the top with biscuits.

Gluing the top.

Making the legs.

2020: End tables with left over backsplash tiles.

2020: Pine spice rack for Emily.

2020: Bird feeder for Cheryl.

2020: Pine spice rack for Hope.

2021: Wood shed.

Carpenter Sara

Help from Foster.

2022: Kid's stools.

Painter Sara

~1944: Cabinet made by Sara's father Albie.