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I am now officially retired and not updating TDEFNODE as often. But I can help with specific issues if you e-mail me at:

TDEFNODE is a time-dependent version of DEFNODE, allowing for analyzing deformation transients as well as block motions.



McCaffrey, R., Time-dependent inversion of three-component continuous GPS for steady and transient sources in northern Cascadia, Geophysical Research Letters, 36, L07304, doi:10.1029/2008GL036784, 2009. (PDF)

TDEFNODE 2023.07.18 Latest Update

Older versions

TDEFNODE 2022.11.03 source code
TDEFNODE 2020.10.11 source code
TDEFNODE 2017.07.27 source code

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Online Manual

Bugs and Fixes

Some Papers using DEFNODE/TDEFNODE

Download GMT4 Plot scripts

Download Example run for TDEFNODE here

Powerpoint from 2015 TDEFNODE course at University of Otago, NZ

How to set up checkerboard locking test

New version TDEFNODE4D in progress. Expands capabilities of TDEFNODE, such as for calculating stress, strains, etc.

Online Manual for TDEFNODE4D (in progress)

Source code for TDEFNODE4D (in progress)

Auxiliary files:

Global CMT solutions to November 21, 2022

GMT5 bash plotting script from D. Mencin and P. Vernant

Updated: 2-10-2024